CBD Living

cbd living

There’s CBD manufacturers that are growing quickly, and then there’s CBD Living. It’s taken off in just a very brief period of time, reaching (as of this writing) getting their 65 products in more than five thousand stores. It’s easy to see why when you try their products: they’re fantastic. 

This comes from their attention to detail and utilization of the latest technology. For example, their in-house scientist team breaks CBD into nanoparticles using ultrasound waves. This helps crank the bioavailability up to 90 percent. If that sounds like a lot, it is: compared to the 10 to 15 percent you’d get from many other CBD products. 

Global scientists, business minds and thought leaders have come together to form CBD Living, an international, world-class company producing over 100 CBD (cannabidiol) products far superior to any other CBD product on the market.

The nano-emulsion process homogenizes oil into water. In order for it to stay stable with the highest absorption rate CBD Living breaks down the particle size of the CBD droplet to <100nm.


CBD Living Freeze Roll-On 

Not all CBD has to be ingested to give you those benefits. For example, this cold therapy roll-on gel is infused with a broad-spectrum nano CBD. That’s a lot of words to say: “you can put this right on the parts of your body that hurt.” You’ll feel a cooling sensation instantly (that’s the soothing nature of the menthol). While all that’s going on, the CBD goes into your skin to give you relief fast. 


CBD Living Gummies 

What sets these gummies apart from the rest is, of course, CBD Living’s commitment to giving you the best in CBD, yes. But, each of these gummies contains just ten calories and one gram of sugar. If you’re taking them for anti-anxiety reasons, now you don’t have to be anxious about putting on weight, either.