The Rare

Over twenty years of combined experience in the cannabis industry are what allow The Rare to be as successful as it is today.  Catering to cannabis connoisseurs with their clean and high quality weed strains, The Rare aims to offer the best vaping and smoking experience to loyal patrons of Los Angeles dispensaries just like you.  Their products are fueled by passion for the plant, love of the craft, and respect for the hustle.

the rare

Cannabis Strains by The Rare


  • Tiramisu – These buds are a delightful light green color and their sticky texture guarantees that you are in for a good time!  Like something straight out of an authentic Italian bakery and cafe, its sweet coffee and cocoa smell only further enhances the smooth and creamy yet gassy coffee-like flavor.  Perfect for when you need a sweet treat and a strong head high at the same time.  

  • Azul – Aptly named for its bluish-green buds with hints of purple undertones, Azul swiftly takes you away into the wild blue yonder for a soothing head-to-toe high.  It’s no surprise that this is a particularly sweet flower, having been crossed between Sunset Sherbert and Biscotti.  Its distinct flavor is a combination of candy, gelato and sherbert.  This confection of a cannabis concoction is here to satisfy your sugar cravings while you unwind.

  • Dolce – Dolce is a flower that can be described in three words- potent, pungent, and piney.  Its highly visible orange pistils show just how much care The Rare puts into tending to their plants.  Both its aroma and flavor pack a powerful punch, so brace yourself for some extreme sensory stimulation when you break open a bag.  The experience is intense, not for the faint of heart, but oh so worth it if you are looking for an adventurous high!