Altai’s brand and ethos are all about blending the rich history of cannabis usage with modern luxuries, making weed edibles that are safe and accessible.  Their name was inspired by the mummified remains of a princess in the Altai Mountains of Central Asia, whose burial chamber was full of cannabis intended for pain relief and healing.  Los Angeles dispensaries are doing their fair share of helping Altai keep the tradition alive.  While we can’t promise you a lavish afterlife like that princess in the mountains, Roots LA is going above and beyond to make sure all of our customers get the royal treatment in the here and now.


Altai Edibles

  • Sea Salt Caramels Bon Bons – Cannabis-infused milk chocolate that’s been mixed with sea salt caramel, and coated in dark chocolate.  In case that’s not enough to pique your interest -but let’s be honest, it definitely is- these sinfully sweet and smooth edibles scored an impressive third place in the 2015 Cannabis World Cup.

  • Dulche De Leche Bon Bons – ‘Dulche de leche’, or ‘a sweet made of milk’ in Spanish, is a world famous Latin American confection that can be eaten alone like jam or added to a variety of pastries and other delicacies.  Now that world famous flavor has been condensed into tiny chocolates made with cream, sugar, vanilla, white chocolate and meticulously prepared caramelized milk.  They came in first place in 2015 at the HempCon San Jose Festival.

  • Espresso Bean Pips – Forty-five minutes after just one of these little cannabis-infused sweets is enough to take you on an unforgettable and savory high.  We know what you’re thinking and yes, this blend of pure dark chocolate, milk, and cream earned Altai yet another award – it ranked second at the 2016 Cannabis Cup and Carnival.

  • Salted Almond Pips – Salted and roasted almonds are tasty enough as is, but Altai’s world-class dark chocolate has made them completely irresistible.  These sweet and crunchy candies are as potent as the rest- just one is all it takes.  We know good things come in small packages, but this is almost absurd…and definitely delicious.


  • Malt Pip Balls – Are you in need of some THC but also looking to satisfy your sweet tooth?  Look no further, because Altai’s Malt Pip Balls are exactly what you need.  They are conveniently dosed for a consistent high that users of any experience level can enjoy.  And here you thought that malted chocolates couldn’t get any better.  Isn’t it nice to  be wrong sometimes?