Mollyz Cannabis in a Class of Their Own: Blueberry Gelato

Roots LA 07/05/24
mollyz cannabis

We have many different strains of Mollyz cannabis. They cater to so many different tastes, preferences, and so forth. However, one that absolutely stands out from the rest: Blueberry Gelato. Each cannabis strain of Mollyz has its own benefits, reasons that people like it. While there are several to choose from, Blueberry Gelato certainly has…

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A Taste of the Edibles Available at Our Dispensary

Roots LA 06/20/24
edibles los angeles

Have you been looking for the highest quality edibles? Are you tired of having to drive all around Southern California just to find great edibles at a reasonable price? We hear you. Here at Roots, we offer a wide selection of top-shelf edibles, yes, but we do so at a price point where anyone who…

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A Few Benefits of Going Through the Official Mollyz Online Store

wddevelopers 06/19/24
mollyz cannabis

We’re always glad to have you stop by Roots Dispensary for Mollyz or anything else. But, there’s more to Mollyz than just what you can find here at our dispensary. Indeed, we have an entire Mollyz online store with everything Mollyz for your Mollyz-related needs. You can find our entire Mollyz selection there as well…

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The Best Dispensary in LA to Find Mollyz and More

Roots LA 06/13/24
Best Dispensary in LA

Have you been looking for a new favorite? Are you looking for something that’s like what you’ve tried before but builds on it for something new? That’s what we aim to do with Mollyz. Mollyz is ours, something that we made “from the ground up,” so to speak, here at Roots. Sure, we offer plenty…

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A Dispensary With One of a Kind of Cannabis Products

Roots LA 06/07/24
dispensary in Sun Valley

Are you a cannabis enthusiast who has been looking for a new way to get all of the great benefits of cannabis? Or, alternatively, are you someone who has been thinking of getting into cannabis but aren’t sure which products are right for you? Here at our dispensary in Sun Valley, we offer some products…

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