Mollyz Strains for the Effect and Experience You Want

wddevelopers 05/20/24
mollyz cannabis

When we created Mollyz, our in-house brand, we wanted to create cannabis that could make people feel how they wanted to feel. Each of us on the Mollyz team has years upon years in the industry. So, we know what strains can provide what effect, how strongly, for how long, and more. We put all…

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A Few Benefits of Going Through the Official Mollyz Online Store

wddevelopers 05/19/24
mollyz cannabis

We’re always glad to have you stop by Roots Dispensary for Mollyz or anything else. But, there’s more to Mollyz than just what you can find here at our dispensary. Indeed, we have an entire Mollyz online store with everything Mollyz for your Mollyz-related needs. You can find our entire Mollyz selection there as well…

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Mollyz Hybrid: A Combination for the Best of What You Want

wddevelopers 05/12/24
mollyz hybrid

Have you been searching for a higher caliber of hybrid? We know just how many options you have when it comes to hybrids. That’s why, when we created Mollyz Hybrid, we wanted to create a hybrid of not just sativa and indica, but a hybrid of everything we’ve learned about cannabis. Mollyz is our in-house…

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Mollyz Sativa: Better Cannabis for a Better Day

wddevelopers 05/07/24
mollyz sativa

Are you looking to boost your mood? Does it feel like anxiety holds you back from living how you want to live? With so many sativa options out there, it can be a challenge to find one that has everything you need. That’s just one of the reasons we created Mollyz Sativa. As dispensary owners…

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Why Mollyz Indica Can Improve Your Mood and More

wddevelopers 05/03/24
Mollyz Indica

Have you had a long day and are looking for the perfect way to unwind? Do you want to just chill out and sink into a peaceful, restful sleep so as to better approach tomorrow? Those are just some of the reasons that folks turn to our Mollyz Indica.  The perfect companion for unwinding after…

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