Complement Cannabis

complement cannabisA lighter high. That’s what Complement Cannabis provides. Their slogan is: “cannabis for every occasion” and they more than live up to it. THC potency, as you’ve probably noticed, has increased over the years in an exponential fashion. That’s a good fit for some occasions, but certainly not for all of them.


Complement Cannabis offers products that are at a lower potency than some but, it comes with a far, far more controlled high. That means you can use it in so many different situations, and not just when you’re looking to relax on your couch (although, of course, there’s absolutely nothing in the world wrong with that!) 


Their products truly do, well, “complement” any situation. Instead of getting so high so quickly, you can use these to find a great balance, all throughout the day. 


Strawberry Watermelon Gum

Remember the sweet, delicious taste of strawberry watermelon gum when you were a kid? This tastes so much like that, you probably won’t know the difference. (“You won’t know the difference,” that is, until the cannabis kicks in.) The right gum for grown-ups. While Complement Cannabis is dedicated to a lower potency/more controlled high, these edibles still pack 100mg of THC.