Froot has an impressive selection of potent flavors and tasty edibles, all of which can be found at your favorite cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles.  Because their products are made with weed of the highest quality, you can expect a quality high anytime you break open a bag of their gummies, pop open a pre-rolled joint, or reach for their m.y. Sleep nighttime aid.  Visit Roots Los Angeles, the best cannabis dispensary Los Angeles has to offer, to see why their fruity, cannabis oil infused products are in such high demand.  


Products By Froot

  • Watermelon Pre-roll – Watermelon is a flavor shrouded in mystery, both its parents and original gardener are unknown.  What we DO know is that you’ll be giggly and euphoric after reaching for this sweet, aromatic pre-roll.  Its distinct fruity flavor is phenomenally complemented by undertones of hash.

  • Sour Cherry Mini Gummies – Peel a slice and pucker up, because this indica-infused sour gummy packs an intense punch.  Their gummies come with a serving template to help you tear pieces evenly, resulting in a consistent dose with every bite.  Froot’s bold new Sour Cherry flavor is becoming a fan favorite in dispensaries in Los Angeles California.

  • Pineapple Express Gummies – This superstar of a strain has been in the spotlight since 2008, when the movie sharing its name hit the big screen.  Since then Froot has taken the fan favorite and refined it to a delightful little sativa-dominant gummy.  Its light citrus flavor will wake you up without giving you the jitters, and help you channel your inner artist.

  • Mellow Berry m.y. Sleep Gummy – The ‘m.y.’ stands for ‘make you’, and these fruity nighttime aids are absolutely potent enough to get the job done. 5 mg of THC, 2 mg of CBN, and 2 mg of melatonin make the perfect bedtime combination.  Give it 60 to 90 minutes to take full effect, and then enjoy a full night’s sleep.  One gummy is all it takes to have you counting sheep.