MVN Productions

Self-described as enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and perfectionists, the team at MVN Productions lives by the core values of freedom, well-being, and authenticity. With this in mind, they curate their catalog intending to elevate their customers’ lives with unforgettable experiences.

MVN Strains

  • Maven OG – Indica-dominant hybrid with a citrus-pine aroma.
  • XXS OG – Hybrid with a calming and relaxing woodsy aroma and flavor profile.
  • Skywalker OG – Hybrid with a fast acting euphoric effect with a spicy diesel aroma.
  • Orange Julius – Sativa strain with an orange smell and a zesty flavor profile.
  • Midnight Snack – Indica-dominant hybrid with a sweet earthy aroma.
  • Blueberry Skittles – Potent Sativa strain with spicy undertones and sweet fruity notes.
  • Sugar Kiss – Sativa-dominant hybrid with sweet citrus flavor and pine undertones.
  • Brulee – Indica strain with a nutty earthy aroma and a smooth savory smoke.
  • Medusa – Indica strain giving you a powerful high with a pungent smell and hints of pine.
  • Blueberry Skunk – Indica strain with a potent aroma with hints of blueberry.
  • Mendo Breath – Indica-dominant strain with a caramel vanilla smell and sugary smoke.
  • Watermelon – Indica strain with a summery aroma and flavor.
  • Cherry Gas – Indica strain with a dominant effect and a fresh fruity aroma.
  • Vanilla Frosting – Indica-dominant streat with a sweet, creamy aroma and flavor.
  • Whiteout – Hybrid strain with a potent high and a strong aroma.
  • Apple Custard – Indica strain with a piney aroma and gassy sweet undertones.
  • Lime Frosting – Hybrid strain with citrusy notes resulting in a euphoric yet lucid state.
  • Mandarin Gold – Sativa-dominant hybrid with a sweet zesty flavor profile.
  • Blueberry Mac – Hybrid strain with a sweet sugary smell with hints of fresh berries.
  • Gelato Gas – Hybrid strain with gassy and earthy flavors and a smooth, creamy smoke.
    Tropicana Cookies – Sativa strain with an earthy pine aroma and heavy orange notes.
  • Sunset Sherbet – Hybrid strain with a potent effect and a sweet candy aroma.
  • Dolcetto – Indica strain with a flavorful and hard hitting profile and a pungent aroma.
  • Sherb Mints – Hybrid with energizing sativa effects grounded by physical indica ones.
    Kashmir Kush – Indica strain with a fruity aroma and strong notes of pine and dark fruit.
  • Orange Truffle Souffle – Sativa strain with sweet citrusy aroma and an energizing buzz.
  • Blue Lotus – Indica strain with an intense gassy aroma, earthy and sweet undertones.
  • Ambrosia – Indica strain with a gassy, earthy, and piney aroma and strong flavor profile.
  • Apple Frosting – Hybrid strain with a gassy aroma and flavor profile with a fruity finish.

The MVN Productions Way

The wide variety found in MVN’s catalog is only the beginning. The real treasure is found in their quality, which you can’t just read about. You will have to try them yourself instead.