Original Intelligence

Before Original Intelligence entered the market in 2006, it was full of untested products and black market dealers who were more interested in profit than in consumer safety.  The company’s very existence is a response to the problems which resulted from this.  Their brand is built upon ethical business practices, a vested interest in the health and well-being of their customers, and products made from only the cleanest and highest quality cannabis.  Their pre-rolls are hand ground, destemmed, and rolled for a slower burn time as well as a cooler smoke.  Roots Los Angeles, the premiere cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles, is proud to carry their exceptional products.


original intelligence


Cannabis Products by Original Intelligence

  • Mochi – A sweet and fruity strain, this Indica-dominant hybrid has a relaxing floral aroma and a flavor matching that of the Japanese confection after which it’s named.  Mochi is one of Original Intelligence’s most popular strains, which comes as little surprise considering it’s bred from longtime fan-favorites Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mings GSC.

  • White Cookies – A common go-to for chronic pain patients, White Cookies boasts a delightful and dense citrusy flavor that’s not too sour but still quite potent.  It’s also relied on to aid with loss of appetite and helping people sleep soundly all through the night.  Though it leans only slightly into its Indica roots (pun not intended) it still delivers an enjoyable full-body high.

  • MAC 7 – Miracle Alien Cookies, MAC for short, are known for their resinous buds, frosty trichomes, and visibly dense flowers.  Earthy and diesel in both flavor and aroma profile, just one glance at these dark purple buds is all you need to know that you’re in for a good time.  A Sativa-dominant hybrid, it’s not too overwhelming but still strong enough to give you a euphoric high that lasts as long as you need.

  • Danny Boy – So relaxing that it borders on sedating, this Indica strain is super sticky and super strong.  Perhaps not for newcomers, as it’s been known to send even seasoned smokers into a deep, high school-esque giggle fit just in the good ‘ole days. 

  • Dolato – Also known as ‘Dosilato’, this cross between Gelato and Do-Si-Dos is even sweeter than its parent strains.  Its piney scent and a fruit flavor make this Indica-dominant hybrid a must-have for any smokers with a sweet tooth.  Those looking to chill can enjoy its naturally relaxing properties without feeling too drowsy.