The cannabis edibles created by Stones are appealing on so many different sensory levels.  The gummies are as vibrant and colorful as their packaging, and their unique translucent features gives these rock-shaped gummies the appearance of actual gemstones.  This aesthetically pleasing little candy has an immense flavor which perfectly complements its dazzling appearance.  Come visit Roots Los Angeles, the best weed dispensary Los Angeles has to offer, and see for yourself why everyone can’t get enough of these gemstone-like weed candies.

stones edibles

Cannabis Infused Edibles by Stones

  • Watermelon Tourmalines – Watermelon is a sweet summery flavor that’s almost impossible to resist.  Tourmaline is a gemstone which comes in a variety of colors, but some of the most well-known and gorgeous are red, green, or red and green.  Truly a match made in heaven.
  • Green Apple Emeralds – Emerald is a gemstone that some New Age types associate with clarity, awareness, and wisdom.  While we can’t guarantee any wisdom will be imparted onto you, we can guarantee that any dispensaries in Los Angeles, California that are worth visiting will carry this candy.  Its rich green color is matched perfectly by its sweet apple flavor.
  • Blue Raspberry Sapphires – As if premium THC combined with a mouthwatering, sweet-yet-tart blue raspberry flavor wasn’t irresistible enough.  Sapphires take thousands of years to form in the Earth’s crust, but they are definitely worth the wait.  Thanks to Stones though, you won’t have to wait nearly as long to snag some of that brilliant blue for yourself.
  • Rainbow Berry Rubies – Rainbow berry is a sweet, fruit gummy with a very powerful flavor.  The lovely red color is equally powerful, so much so that you’ll almost feel guilty eating it!  Almost.
  • Grape Amethysts – Who could say no to grape candies?  Just about every major brand name candy makes them, and they’re oh so sweet and satisfying.  But none of them have the same captivating shimmer and shine of Stones’ Grape Amethysts gummies.  Considering amethyst itself looks like rock candy we can’t blame you for indulging.
  • Mango-Chile Agates – A little bit of sweet, a little bit of spicy, and a whole lot of delicious gummy goodness.  Highly reminiscent of Mexican candies, these mango flavored gummies are coated in a zesty chili powder.  They give you a wonderful high without leaving you feeling groggy the next morning.  Not to mention their bright color means they’re easy to mistake for real orange agates, which are said to promote courage and balance the mind, body, and spirit.