Alien Labs

Implementing family farming knowledge and the hemp traditions of Northern California, Alien Labs is more than just a cannabis brand: it is a lifestyle. Implementing a space theme throughout their products, the Alien Labs line has a defined identity. Each strand in their catalog evokes different feelings and reactions, providing you with unique experiences.


alien labs


Cannabis Strains

  • Area 41 – A hybrid combining Lemon Fuel OG and Gelato 41, this strain balances cerebral and body effects with sweet citrusy and wooden tastes.
  • Lemon Fuel – This OG cut of Lemon Fuel has a classic lemon haze flavor with a bit of a relaxing euphoria punch.
  • Moonbow – This creamy cross of Zkittlez and Dosidos #75 was bred selectively to effectively combine their flavor and power.
  • Punch Cross – This sweet combination of Indica classics Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple smells of grape candy and blueberry muffins, relaxing the mind and the body.
  • Sherbacio – This blend of Sunset Sherbet and Gelato 41 provides you with a sweet aroma that will relax you with uplifting effects.
  • Stardust – Named after the cerebral effect it will have on the user, it combines euphoria and relaxation to make you feel like you are on your very own trip to the stars.
  • Zookies – This blend of Animal Cookies and Original Glue was the result of accidental pollination of hemed-out animal cookies, resulting in a relaxing and euphoric strain.


The Alien Labs Way

The Alien Labs approach to cannabis is decidedly unique and effective, providing its users with memorable experiences that both newcomers and longtime experts will be able to appreciate. Their boutique approach allows them to make sure that every single product is worthy of their customer base.