Living up to their name, Artisan Canna Cigars are all handcrafted here in California from the highest possible quality cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail when putting together their lineup reflect their commitment to provide quality experiences and reliable products. Available in a variety of forms, each approach to creating the perfect cannabis cigars will come with something different for the user.


Artisan Cannabis Products

  • Artisan Cannabis Cigars – As their signature product, these cigars are hand-crafted in small batches around a wooden dowel and tightly bound with organic hemp wick. These are available in three grams of flower with 0.4 grams of rosin/live resin, three grams of flower with no extract, and six grams of flower with no extract.
  • Artisan Thai Sticks – Referred to as the slowest burning joint, Thai sticks are handmade, wrapped in an organic raw paper, delivering a slow and clean burn. These are available with three grams of flower.
  • Artisan Hemp Blunts – These artisanally handmade blunts are premium quality whole nug flowers and rolled in all natural hemp wrap. These are available with two grams of flower.


The Artisan Way

If you are looking for the highest quality cannabis products, you will hardly find more attentive and carefully crafted ones than those at Artisan. Their cigars, sticks, and blunts will deliver outstanding experiences and new sensations.