Like its eponymous guide, Atlas is determined to take you places. They do so with their line of edibles that challenge your idea of what cannabis-induced treats can be. Each one of their products will have something special to it, implementing different flavors and causing different sensations.


Atlas Cannabis Edibles

Instead of relegating edibles to the same kinds of brownies, cookies, and gummies, the team at Atlas has developed all sorts of tasty treats that perfectly complement the cannabis in them, using all sorts of different natural ingredients and creating fascinating combinations. Let’s go over some of their products and what makes them so special.



Who doesn’t enjoy a good bar for a snack? Now you can enjoy your favorite bars with these cannabis-infused treats. The Atlas line includes:

  • Salted Caramel, Chocolate & Almond – This Sativa edible promotes positivity, functionality, and creativity.
  • Lemon, Blueberry & Poppyseed – A THC and CBD infused edible that promotes balance, mindfulness, and playfulness.


These granola clusters will allow you to enjoy healthier and tastier edibles in very defined doses. Their flavors include:

  • Lemon, Blueberry & Almond – This hybrid-infused edible promotes mindfulness, playfulness, and balance.
  • Caramel, Cashew & Cayenne – A Sativa-infused edible that promotes functionality, creativity, and positivity.
  • Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut – Hybrid-infused edible that promotes mindfulness, playfulness, and mindfulness.
  • Mexican Chocolate and Pepitas – Indica-infused edibles with earthy Mexican chocolate that promotes healing, relaxation, and well-being.


Sometimes it’s better if you can drink it, which is why the Atlas line of cannabis-induced beverage mixes can provide you a tasty and relaxing treat. These drinks come in:

  • get mixes can provide you a tasty and relaxing treat. These drinks come in:
  • Chamomile & Mint Tea – Minimally psychoactive effect, meant instead for sleep and relaxation.
  • Lemongrass & Ginger Drink – Uplifting taste and eases you into relaxation, rejuvenation, and general wellness.
  • Pomegranate Green Tea – Tarty and a little earthy, this drink is focused on recovery, relaxation, and wellness.
  • Raspberry & Hibiscus Drink – Lightly sweet and tart, this beverage can help you with rejuvenation, relaxation, and recovery.