Baked Betty’s

baked bettys


Born out of the founder’s love for both baking and cannabis, Baked Betty’s delivers an equally familiar and enticing take on edibles. Based on traditional home baked treats, the catalog of Baked Betty’s treats can prove to be as comforting and as delicious and as exciting as every cannabis-infused treat should be.


Baked Betty’s Cannabis Edibles

  • 420 Caramels – Made with a Full Spectrum.infused cannabis butter, these handcrafted caramels are made with particular attention to detail to their delicious taste and irresistible texture.
  • Caramel Rice Crispy Crispy Treats – These fluffy rice crispy treats are elevated by the use of homemade caramel, vanilla, creamy marshmallows, and cannabis butter. Then, they are topped by chocolate to ultimately deliver an equally delicious and relaxing trip.
  • Chocolate Rice Crispy Treats – Chocolate rice crispy cereal meets cannabis infused butter, marshmallows, and vanilla in order to create heavenly treats that can make you feel everything.
  • Coconut Oil Caps – These flavor-free capsules are the best way to provide an equally discreet and convenient dosing method. The organic coconut oil capsules are infused with the finest cannabis to ensure a predictable and perfect high.
  • Plain Jane Cookies – These vanilla flavored cookies are infused with the highest quality cannabis, hand-rolled in cinnamon sugar and then baked to perfection, to the point where they are anything but plain.
  • Plain Rice Crispy Treats – These treats start with fluffy rice crispy cereal mixed with cannabis-infused butter, as well as vanilla and creamy marshmallows. This take on a classic can give you familiar tastes and exciting heights.
  • Rainbow Rice Crispy Treats – This take on the rice crispy treats start with rainbow rice crispy cereals, butter, vanilla, marshmallows, and, of course, cannabis infused butter.