Basing their practice on hemp-derived wellness, Bhang products intend to enhance the function of your body’s endocannabinoid system and provide it with the power it will need to heal itself. This is, after all, the basis of hemp therapy. Bhang’s hemp products don’t have a psychoactive effect, but they instead focus on the health effects that CBD and hemp can have on your body. You will have a variety of different options in their catalog in terms of flavors, methods, and experiences.




Bhang Cannabis Products

  • Chocolates – Available in both dark and milk chocolate varieties and with varying dosages, the Bhang collection of CBD-infused chocolates will redefine your relationship with edibles.
  • Lip Balms – The Bhang collection of CBD-infused lip balms can help relieve chapped lips, tasting great and heightening its use with a blend of natural oils, beeswax, and cocoa, and shea butters.
  • CBD Capsules – Granting you an equal parts subtle and predictable way to dose your CDB use, these capsules are discreet and convenient vehicles to enjoy your CBD experience.
  • Pre-rolled Straights – Mimicking the look and convenience of regular cigarettes but free of tobacco and nicotine, these all natural straight sticks come in different flavors and blends for you to casually smoke.
  • E-Liquid – Available in three different flavors, Bhang’s TerpZilla collection of e-juice is made with genuine cannabis terpenes, providing you with deliciously exciting experiences.
  • CBD Gummies – The Bhang watermelon gummies are a delicious way to enjoy the effects of CBD via the tasty watermelon flavor. Each gummy has 15 mg of CBD with a total of 450 mg in each tube.