When folks think of lighters, they think of one name: Bic. Whether you spell it Bic, BiC, or “Societe Bic S.A.,” this has been the gold standard in lighters you can trust for going on decades now. Sure, you might also get pens from them, razors, and other stuff, but here at Roots, we’re focused on lighters. BiC has the kinds of lighters that can keep the fire burning today, tomorrow, and long after that, too.




Big Lighters

Whether you buy them individually or in packs, this is the lighter that all other lights are eternally judged against. Maybe they won’t last forever, but the memories they contribute to sure will. Here at Roots LA, we have them with many different designs and colors, too. So, you can find a lighter that matches your style.

Mini and Small Lighters

You don’t need a big lighter to get a big flame. Mini and Small lights set things ablaze just fine. Plus, they fit into more pockets, purses, and elsewhere, too. They’re just as durable even if they aren’t as large. These lighters say a lot about you, but most importantly, they say: “you can rely on me for a light.”