Biscotti” is not just the name of an absolutely delicious Italian pastry. Instead, it’s a top-notch hybrid strain. This strain didn’t just come out of nowhere, it has a true royal lineage. Founded by eternal grower Jigga and Berner, it combines South Florida OG and GSC (which you probably know as Girl Scout Cookies) as well as Gelato #25. This is the kind of strain that leaves you feeling buzzed, a warm calmness that can carry through the day and on into the night.



The actual word “Biscotti” comes from the medieval Latin word that more or less means “twice-cooked.” That’s how you’ll feel after having this strain: like you’ve been gently warmed up. You’ll probably feel a bit tired but relaxed, like you spent all day in the sun safely. That said, plenty of folks have gotten the real, good, solid giggles from this, too.



Do you wanna feel euphoric? Do you wanna get there with a solid, earthy, coffee taste? That’s what this combination is built around. That said, the taste may be all “coffee,” but the feeling is the opposite of drinking coffee: you’ll feel sweet and relaxed for some time to come.