Blue River Terpenes

blue river terpenes

Blue River is a solventless tech company that firmly believes cannabis extract should be made naturally, everything they offer was created with exactly zero impact on the environment. That means nothing is made with gases, flavor additives, fillers, organic solvents, chemicals, or anything else. Moreover, every one of their trademark branded products are completely free of mycotoxins, microbes, residual solvents, foreign objects, heavy metals, and just about anything else that could have even the slightest negative effect. These are as good for your mood and body as they are for the environment. 


Cold Cure Live Rosin

“Cold Curing” is a process where, through utilizing flash freezing, Blue River is able to naturally homogenize Live Rosin, in heatless fashion, into a shelf-stable wet dab-friendly consistency. What does all of that mean? It means that it preserves a higher concentration than you might imagine of the naturally-present terpenes in the extract. 


Blue River Capsules 

Blue River’s Live Rosin Capsules provide consumers with many different ways of having a full spectrum cannabis experience. You can dissolve them in water, you can empty them directly onto your tongue, or you can just take the capsule. No matter how you take them, you’ll experience all that 30qty 10mg of THC dominant veggie capsule has to offer.