“Cannabis for Every Day Life.” That’s Breez. That’s who they are. These are cannabis products for folks who want to keep it moving all day and night long. These products come in all kinds of flavors, so you can the favorites that fit your life, naturally. Whether you’re looking for something with low THC, high THC, or just something with some CBD, these mints, tincture sprays, tablets can be an organic part of your day



Do you want to onset fast without having to wait around? That’s what these 100% Natural Full-Spectrum Tablets can do. Many flavors come in 1,000 MG THC, to get things started quickly. If you’re looking for relief or just to take the edge off, 500 MG CBD and 500 MG THC as well as 500 MG CBD and 250 MG THC + CBN variations are available, too.

Breez Mints

Dose how you want, all day long. With their pocket-friendly tin, these mints make sure that the THC and CBD go where you do. Delicious flavors like Berry Daytime and Berry Nighttime provide power and relaxation, while 200 MG CBD of Citrus CBD keeps you cool, calm and collected throughout the day.

Breez Tincture Sprays

Fast-acting, spray and go – that’s how these tincture sprays work. All the flavors are great, but the mints stand out here. Original Mint comes in 250 and 1000 MG THC, while the wintry fresh Royal Mint also comes in at 1000 MG THC. Sublingual delivery for a spectacular experience.