Bubonic Black


There’s nothing plague-like about this incredible brand. They provide the kinds of high quality products that can keep you, well, high for a long time. With multiple different strains to choose from, there’s a strain from Bubonic Black to meet your needs. Whether you want better performance throughout the day or you’re looking to feel true euphoria right here and now, Bubonic Black can make sure it happens in a hurry. We’re always bringing in new products from them, so you’ll want to check back often. 


bubonic black


Donny Burger 

It’s not just the name of a burger at some delightful diner, it’s an Indica strain that gives your entire body a buzz to get through the day. There are some buzzes that are just going to make you, well, buzzed, while there are others that will keep you invigorated and feeling nice for hours on end. This strain is the latter. Perfect for after that lunch cheeseburger.


Garlic Breath 

The truth is that, despite the colorful name, this doesn’t tend to leave someone with breath that reeks of garlic. What it does do is tend to put folks to sleep. This is a perfect strain to help the day go away, so that you can rest and get ready for tomorrow.