Cannabis Quencher

From the good folks at VCC Brands, (A. K. A. “The Venice Cookie Company”) Cannabis Quencher are some truly fantastic products. No matter what name they go by, these beverages, tinctures, and edibles are at the very forefront of innovation as well as quality. The idea is to offer cannabis in such a way that’s as healthy as it is delicious, as fun as it is relaxing. “PEACE. LOVE, CANNABIS” is their slogan (appropriately and emphatically in all capital letters). 

the venice cookie company

Raspberry Hibiscus Cannabis Quencher 

Just saying the words “Raspberry Hibiscus Cannabis Quencher” can purse your lips as if you were drinking something tart and refreshing. That’s exactly what this drink is. As ever, there is no sugar or calories in this drink. Want to dose appropriately throughout the day? This Quencher has you covered. You can follow the “EasyDose Window” on the side, so that you keep the good feelings going right. 

cannabis quencher

CBD Tropical Mango Cannabis Quencher 

Relieve anxiety in a delicious and reliable way with this mango infusion. Many of the folks who drink this report feeling euphoric. That comes from the naturally-occurring terpene myrcene. You can follow the EasyDose Window for dosing throughout the day, as it all follows the formula: 1 capful = 1mg.