A brand for kings, queens, and everyone else, Cannakings makes all kinds of fantastic marijuana products. They have the kinds of marijuana that can wake you up and get you going as well as the kind that can help you to gently drift off into fantastic sleep. Utilizing the best tech and know-how in the industry, Cannakings is committed to offering customers the sort of royal treatment and experience they deserve. 


Herojuana OG 

If you’re looking to go to sleep swiftly, then this is the “hero” to lead you off into the night. This is a flower that is legitimately used by many to treat insomnia in a natural, safe way. This very well could be the single heaviest weed you’ve ever smoked, vaped, or otherwise ingested. This is not the weed that gets the party going; it’s the kind that helps your sleep apnea. That said, when all else fails to help you rest, to calm you down, to assist with your pain and more, sometimes, it takes a hero. 


Wedding Mints 

The crown says it all. A regal experience, these “Wedding Mints” are a top-notch cannabis flower. Far more than a parting gift, this flower can get you high and keep you that way for some time.