Care by Design

care by design


Unlock the power of nature’s genius through cutting edge science. That’s what Care by Design provides. As you imagine, that name was chosen as both a mission statement as well as for the acronym: CBD. The CBD to THC ratios that the professionals at Care by Design have pioneered deliver powerful, lasting relief. Triple tested, these products provide the kind of precision and consistency that you want in your dosing. 


Care by Design

The in-house team of scientists, caregivers, and cultivators extract cannabis oil from sungrown, high CBD cannabis varieties. The CBD oil is full spectrum, filled with terpenes, flavonoids, phytocannabinoids, and more. 


40:1 Soft Gel Capsules


Calm whenever you want to be. That’s what these gels combine. Full-spectrum 40:1 gel capsules make your wellness routine better than ever. Of all of Care by Design’s work, this is the one that was designed to be minimally psychoactive yet maximally relaxing. To put that in simpler words: you’ll feel calm with no anxiety very quickly. Moreover, it won’t make you high, so you can use it when you’re at work, out on the town, or facing any potentially stressful situation. Also: it’s absolutely perfect when you’re looking to get to a good night’s sleep, too.