Their slogan “all we know is heat” says it all. CBX (or “Cannabiotix”) was designed around one idea and one idea only: to have the most elite genetics in the industry. They didn’t just start this once legalization really kicked in. No, they’ve been doing this for more than twenty years. They treat this as a true “craft,” something that can never be mastered or perfected yet that’s always the goal in mind. Through that process, they’ll be able to provide users with the best flowers and cannabis products possible. It’s worked for the last twenty years and shows no signs of stopping.


CBX L’Orange

The name tells you all you need to know about what it tastes like.  It was designed to be a mix between their Lemonburst and Orange Crush. The sticky resinous trichomes of the buds are extraordinarily sticky. So, they’ll be on your fingertips for quite some time (although that aroma of orange isn’t the worst thing to fill your room with, certainly). The high is here as concentrated and euphoric as it gets. When you have to deal with depression, when anxiety comes knocking at your door, this is an excellent strain to answer with.