Clique for those in the know. 


Clique Cosmic Glue 

Melts your mind, just as if you were to see that which connects everything in the cosmos. That comes from the 25.06% THC. Made by crossing classic Gorilla Glue #4 with Space Queen strains, this is a truly Indica dominant strain at 70% Indica and only 30% Sativa. 


This is truly a strain for exploring that which is beyond our comprehension. On top of that, folks often use it to treat muscle spasm, anorexia, nausea, chronic fatigue, depression, and pain or stress that won’t go away. Rich cherries and berries make for a sweet accent, while the earthy, herbal aroma mixes with a spicy chocolate hash overtone. For when you want to travel to the furthest reaches of your couch, this strain’s got you covered. 


Clique Sunset Cookies

This rich hybrid makes any tension, stress, or foulness in your mood dissipate into the ether. This provides a strong, sturdy full-body effect. You’ll get a blast of cerebral energy quite quickly. Of course, you’ll get plenty more than that, as the sweet berry and skunky citrus notes are beneath that smell, oh-so-reminiscent of candy. At 29.1% total THC, this Indica-leaning hybrid is powerful indeed.