Today just got better. That’s what it says inside many Clsics products and when you purchase them, that’s inevitably true. Focus is full spectrum live rosin and rosin-infused products. The entire, comprehensive list of ingredients is ice, water, heat, pressure, and cannabis. That’s it. Nothing else. So, as you might imagine, that means these products have absolutely no residual solvents of any kind. Additionally, that makes the entire experience that much more flavorful and aromatic. 


The professionals at Clsics even have a name for that experience: the “Entourage Effect.” As all of those compounds work together, it’s like they travel together, as one, into your endocannabinoid system. True pioneers, Clsics were the first to create a rosin-infused strain-specific pre-roll line. If you’ve never experienced solventless live rosin, now is the time. 




Rosin 1 Gram Jar 

A solventless dabbing experience awaits. Pressed from Clsics in-house fresh frozen ice water hash (try saying that ten times fast) and painstakingly extracted from procured strains that were specifically selected for their one of a kind terpene profiles, this is a genuinely mouth-watering experience that you will never forget. 


Clsics Rosin-Infused Pre Rolls 

Handcrafted from the very beginning through the end, this is a higher level of solventless experience. Whether you’re a true connoisseur or just someone looking to experience the best, Clsics has you covered.