Cosmic Edibles

Premium-baked edibles for daily dosing. These plant-based products are made entirely of organic ingredients. You won’t find any preservatives here nor will you find too much sugar, either. In fact, these cookies have a lower glycemic index and 30% less sugar than traditional cookies. Of course, there’s something else they have that traditional cookies do not, wink wink nudge nudge. 

The founding principle at Cosmic is simple: the best products are made by people who care. At Cosmic, they are about the cannabis products as well as the folks using them, too. 


cosmic edibles

Cosmic Peanut Butter Cookies 

There’s never a bad or wrong time for peanut butter cookies. With their enjoyable dosing, there’s essentially never a bad or wrong time for Cosmic peanut butter cookies, either. Vegan, these cookies pack so much soft, buttery, chewy goodness (as well as 100mg of THC) into a custom recycled tube. Good for your tastebuds, your body, and the environment. 


Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

No one has ever had chocolate chip cookies and then fallen into a bad mood. That’s absolutely true with these double chocolate chip cookies. Featuring 10mg per cookie, these can help you to have the best experience no matter what. Cosmic recommends starting slow with a half dose (i.e. half cookie) and working your way up.