Cream of the Crop Gardens

Incredible flowers for the everyday hustler. These are flowers grown with love by passionate people for true connoisseurs. That’s part of what makes them among the most exclusive, highest-quality flowers found anywhere in California. The goal of everything Cream of the Crop Gardens does is to offer unmatched flavor, a finish that’s as smooth as it is clean, and, of course, the apex expression of all cultivar-fragrant terpenes. Cream of the Crop Gardens can help you to be your best self. 

cream of the crop gardens

Cream of the Crop Gardens

Mandarin Cookies 

A level of relaxation you may not have known was possible – that’s what this strain can provide. An indica-leaning strain that offers a unique mix of diesel flavors and sweet citrus, this is a strain that helps you to slow things down just right. So many of us struggle to get to actually sleepy, no matter how tired we are after our busy days – that’s where the nerolidol and myrcene in this strain can get the job done right. 


Animal Grahams 

When you’ve had the rest and you’re ready for the apex, Animal Grahams is here. The strong and long-lasting effects make this the perfect fit for those who’ve tried everything else. Grown from clone and indica-dominant, this is the best way to recover, relax, and unwind after work or anything else.