Premium cannabis experiences – that’s what you can expect every time with Cresco. They offer everything from top of the line offerings to curated options for daily use. Cresco prides themselves on consistency – providing a great experience every time. Instead of wondering “is this going to be any good,” you can use Cresco and know that it’s going to be fantastic each time. That’s true for their flower, live solid concentrates, and even liquid live resin cartridges as well. 


Cresco Labs

At Cresco, they offer three different types of strains: Rest, (for relaxing and kicking back) Refresh (to provide balance, clarity, and focus to face what’s ahead) and Rise (for a boost of energy and unlocking your creative potential). 


Rocket Fuel (Refresh)

A hybrid cross between “Jet Fuel OG” and “Face Off Og,” Rocket Fuel is what its name sounds like: a shot of productivity. If you’re tired of feeling, well, tired in the afternoons, then Rocket Fuel can take you on a quick trip to Getting-Things-Done Land. Instead of feeling jittery or anything like that, you’ll radiant serenity and poise. 


Tangerine Kush (Rest) 

A calming, relaxing strain that’s a combination of Rare Dankness #1 and Tangerine Haze, this packs a lot of sleepiness into a tart orange flavor.