CRU Cannabis

“Made to be more.” That’s the slogan and mission statement for CRU Cannabis. Built specifically to be a top name in natural, clean premium cannabis, CRU Cannabis has truly earned the title of “California Licensed Cultivator.” Their product contains some of the highest THC anywhere, but not even the slightest trace of any even potentially harmful pesticides. With more than one hundred different strains available, they’ve sourced exclusive genetics to provide their customers with an extensive catalog of products. 


cru cannabis

GMO Cookies 

If you’re looking for a delicious way to unwind, this can get it done. You’ll feel relaxed and ready for the day to end. Earthy scents, along with a sense of garlic and even diesel abound. There’s never a bad time to feel happy, to relax in a way that feels euphoric. While these taste great at any time, we strongly recommend that you don’t use them until the evening is late. 


Yuzu: Grand 

Infused Pre-Roll for the discerning consumer who wants the best in quality as well as THC. These tend to come in around 40%+ THC, so this top-shelf flower will leave you feeling great in a hurry. When nothing else will do, this will do quite nicely.