Dixie Brands



Power. Quality. Accurate dosing. Those are the pillars that Dixie Brands are built on. Also known as “Dixie Elixirs & Edibles,” the company is an incredible source of innovative, effective, and safe medical marijuana products. That comes, of course, from Dixie’s painstaking research, education, and even advocacy. Since they first arrived on the scene in 2010, Dixie Elixirs & Edibles has set a new standard for smoke-free medical marijuana products. 


Dixie Brands

Before they release anything, Dixie makes sure that all of their products have been triple lab tested. That’s true for their drinks, gummies, and all of their products. 


Relaxing Mints 

Want that soothing, feel good feeling while you’re on the go? Relaxing mints get the job done. They’re perfect for when you have some downtime or even before you’re hitting the hay. As ever, they’re nut, gluten, and sugar free while also being vegan. You can take them anywhere – anyone would just think they’re mints. 


Fruit Punch Elixir

Are you ready for a dance party in your mouth (where, yes, everyone will be invited?) This elixir (as well as several of the others) balanced a delicious taste with pure, clean-extracted THC. As refreshing as they are relaxing, they pack an incredible amount of fun in a single bottle.