Delivering premium quality products to the cannabis market. Since the very beginning, that’s what Dripp has always been about. While the industry may change rapidly from day to day, Dripp is always 100% committed to one thing: 100% pure THC extracts. 


You’ll note that it doesn’t say “almost 100% pure THC extracts” or “nearly 100% pure THC extracts.” No, these extracts are entirely pure. So, that means there will be no harmful additives of any kind. With that, they set a new standard for a vaping experience. 




The Two Ps in Dripp

“The Two P’s” are Dripp’s focus: progression and perfection. Their products have been specifically designed to appeal to anyone, from any walk of life, no matter what their age is. 


To be in a position to offer that, Dripp harvests and extracts from the finest plants, the cleanest ones. In pursuit of the best raw materials, Dripp’s bio mass procurement team travels anywhere they have to. 


The founder at Dripp, when designing the company, found what they believed to be a void in the industry. They just couldn’t find anything that had the potency, profile, and consultancy that they believed high quality products should. So, they enhanced, streamlined, and ultimately honed the standard extraction process till they could create something that lived up to their high standards. 


Demonstrate innovation, not replication, progress to perfection. That’s the core belief at Dripp.