Ember Valley

Craft cannabis at scale. At Ember Valley, their mission is to elevate the cannabis experience that much higher. Their highly-specialized and unique indoor growing process provides the best cannabis for someone who’s been at it for  years and knows exactly what they want as well as someone just starting out. 


They offer refined highs, coming from unique strains cultivated with care and professionalism by legendary, legacy growers. Passionate about making it possible for as many people to access their superior products, this is a group that respects the magical power of cannabis through and through. 


Ember Valley

ember valley

Ice Cream Cake 

Just from reading the name “ice cream cake,” you probably got a pretty good idea of what this tastes like. However, it needs to be experienced to be believed. With sweet hints of vanilla, this strain also has a flavor profile that’s sou and nutty, too. Tested at 23% THC content, it’s easy to see why this strain has won its awards. 


MAC (“Miracle Alien Cookies”)

Noticeably dense, this Ember Valley Indica-leaning strain produces resinous buds with deep purple hues as well as frosty trichomes. F2 Alien Cookies were crossed with a hybrid that consisted of Starfighter as well as a Colombian landrace.