A pioneer in the vape industry, Eureka was founded in 2011 to revolutionize the cannabis vape industry. Its Cannabis oil is known to capture the full aroma and effects of your favorite strain without diminishing the potency of the oil. To offer highly potent cannabis oil, Eureka uses an innovative extraction process that can produce 100% natural Cannabis oil that’s pesticide-free. 




Eureka Cannabis Strains 

  • Berry White: It’s a combination of blueberry and white widow, which are known in the cannabis community. Berry White produces a sweet scent of blueberries with subtle undertones of spice and pine. 
  • Mimosa: It’s a cross between Purple Punch and Clementine to become a popular strain with energetic and uplifting high effects. It has citrus notes with earthy undertones that can give you a sweet and fashionable smell. 
  • Strawberry: Offering energetic and creative effects, this Sativa strain gives an overwhelming scent of fresh strawberries. Strawberry cough is woody that became the number one selling Cannabis stain in the New York area. 
  • Forbidden Fruit: Uplifting and relaxing effects, Forbidden fruit strain is sweet in flavor. It’s a cross between tangle and cherry pie pollen. Named after sweets, Forbidden fruit also offers grape and berry flavor. 
  • Afgoo: This is an Indica strain that offers giggly and aroused effects. Afgoo inherits earthy and tropical flavor.