Exir is made by California’s leading cannabis supply chain management company. It’s committed to offering unique sustainable packaging as it prides itself on purity and potency. Having the perfect authentic strains, Exir offers proprietary blends that can match the aroma and effects of classic strains. 


Exir Cannabis Strains

  • Frosted Cookie Bars: They’re perfect for a connoisseur with a predilection for finer Cannabis. Each bar is designed in 24k gold and comes with high THC levels. Aim to impress anyone, it has a delectable hybrid strain that offers a perfect balance of sweet and earthy effects. 
  • Orange Creamsicle Live Resin: Offering euphoric, energetic with tingly effects, Orange Creamsicle is a cross of Juicy fruit and Orange Crush. It gives a taste of orange and vanilla that has a bright, citrus scent to create a pungent flavor. 
  • Ancient OG: Pre-roll with blueberry and strawberry flavors, Exir Ancient OG or Ancient Kush offers creative, energetic effects. It’s a cross of Iranian landrace and Snow lotus strain. Producing creamy kush flavors with an earthy aroma, this is a heavy-hitter that can sedate the mind. 
  • French Toast: With rich flavors and aromas, this mini pre-roll offers buttery, sugary, and yeasty notes. Extremely uplifting, it can give an initial rush to euphoria and tingles to kick in creative juices.