Started the industry in producing the first vape products that include true terpene profiles. In 2017, Flav released the best-tasting cannabis-infused dummies in the world before developing the most potent vape oils in the industry. Created by innate people who love to achieve something that’s never done before, Flav redefines flavors and develops unique products for optimum enjoyment. 



Flav Cannabis Strains 

  • Lemonade Infused Beverage: This is the first Cannabis-infused beverage from Flav that offers a delicious mix. Infused with superior organic CBD, it offers a thirst-quenching experience. By far the best tasting CBD beverage, Lemonade Infused Beverage is stored in an individual pouch to easily mix with it water when you’re on the move. 
  • Blueberry Belts: Offering citrusy and berry flavors, Flav Blueberry Bels are infused with superior cannabis. Per belt comes with 10 mg of THC to offer citrusy blueberry flavor and sour gummy texture. The belts make medicating enjoyable as they contain the benefits of premium Cannabis. 
  • Tropical Trainwreck: This cartridge offers high levels of terpenes terpinolene and limonene with myrcene to produce lemon and pine scent. The limonene content is dominant with moderate 18% THC to create energy-inducing results. With woody and earthy flavors, Trainwreck also produces giggly effects, making it a great cartridge if you’re looking for a mellow buzz.