FloraCal Farms

Focusing on sustainable farming techniques, FloraCal Farms consists of a team of master cultivators who hand-select superior genetics to cater to each cultivar’s needs. By using renewable energy, the company produces terpene-rich products that offer a one-of-a-kind experience. FloraCal Farms focuses on flavonoids and terpenoids to guarantee the most potent effects. 


floracal farms


Cannabis Strains 

  • Slurricrasher: This is a happy mixture of Slurricane and Wedding crasher offering sweet grape and berry notes when you inhale it. On the exhale, it offers crisp lemony gas. At first, it gives you an initial sativa rush but it’s soon followed by a mellow relaxed euphoria. 
  • Fuel Gelato: A mega strong strain with 29% THC. It’s a hybrid cross of Gelato45 and Jet Fuel G6. From the first whiff, its stellar genetics will show up. The dominating aroma is described as pungent and exotic. Its smell is a combination of sweet but not fruity and fuel-like. 
  • Animal Mints: Perfect for anyone who’s a fan of Cannabis strains with baked-like concoctions, Animal Mints is a cross between GSC, Blue Power, and Animal Cookies strains. Its scent can be likened to vanilla biscotti and cookie dough with some hints of diesel, pecans, and mint undertones. With Wintergreen mint and gas taste, it’s both relaxing and euphoric with THC levels reaching 32%.