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Promising to deliver honest and powerful experiences all the time, Free Cannabis Co. offers the highest quality at competitive costs. If you’re looking for full gram cartridges, then Free Cannabis Co. can offer you that. Its cartridges are the favorite go-to refills of so many because they only contain pure C02 that has been extracted from Cannabis oil. 

free cannabis co

Cannabis Strains

  • White Widow: This cartridge offers earthy, spicy flavors with happy and euphoric effects. White Widow is a combination of Brazilian and South Indian landrace strains. It has a strong peppery cedar flavor with a long-lasting high. It starts with a relaxing effect before it gives you an explosive buzz. 
  • Goji Berry: Named after the miracle berry, Goji berry, Goji OG has a total of 59% THC. It’s a cross between Nepali OG and Snow Lotus. It’s a Sativa-dominant flower that can offer balanced effects of relaxing the body while relieving pain. This is a live resin that offers happy and energizing effects. 
  • Banana OG: It’s a hybrid with a potent banana smell beautiful taste. The cultivator, West Coast breeder OrgnKid, crossed OG Kush female and one of the male banana plants to give you Banana OG. It smells like overripe bananas with tropical, diesel, and earthy flavors.