Garrison Lane

A lifestyle brand that offers award-winning strains, Garrison Lane is based in LA. Known for its superior cannabis products, the company has been in the weed culture for over three decades. It brought back flavors that will remind you of the 90s, which have been long missed by smokers. 


garrison lane


Cannabis Strains 

  • Billy Kimber: It’s a unique Indica dominant OG phenotype offering harsh and spicy flavors. Billy Kimber is for smokers who want to smoke Cannabis that has an overwhelming pungent gasoline smell and a mix of freshly cut pine. Best for experienced users, the strain produces intense cerebral invigoration. 
  • Summer Lane: It has a sweet peppery smell with a mixture of earthy ground-up tea. Offers a hint of sweetness that lingers on the back end. Your mouth will be hit with sharp sweetness and off herbs notes. When lit, the flavor will give a creamy smooth sweetness. 
  • Kimber Cannon: One of the strongest hitting strains, Kimber Cannon is infused with Billy Imber OG shatter and Billy Kimber OG Kief. It has a strong aroma offering tart lemon flavors. With its mood-enhancing effects, it’s meant to be shared with a group of people. It’s saliva-free that boasts a fully formed glass mouthpiece.