Good News

As a social occasion-based brand, Good News is made for the moments with friends and turn those times into something you’ll remember always. Created to give you good vibes without hangovers or regrets, Good News offers shorties, dummies, and vapes. Focusing on social mindsets, the company created four different vibes from “Say Hello” to Brunch to Vegas to Friyay.

good news

Good News Cannabis Strains 

  • Me Time: The disposable vape pens contain 300 mg that you can use right off the shelf. Ideal for right before bed moment, Me Time is good to stimulate the mind or get intimate with your partner as it offers a grape clean taste. 
  • Friday: Might be sweet for you but it’s definitely for everybody who loves hints of watermelon candy. It has a sweet ginger flavor with a generic fruit aroma. In the cloud of vapor, you can smell a bit of cannabis but the fruitiness dominates. 
  • Brunch: Offers nice and calming high, Brunch has a great lemon citrus taste and fruity aroma. With a delightful high, Brunch is a must-have for anyone wishing for a great hit. 
  • Vegas: Derived from Clementine strain, Vegas offers a sweet, citrus flavor that can be uplifting, energizing, and highly functional state. With its delightful state, it provides a wonderful daytime experience.