A Bay Area brand, Grandiflora was founded by Mark McCafferty, an Oakland equity applicant. Well-known for its ability to breed unique and different strains, Mark ensures that Grandiflora will provide quality Cannabis with the culture behind it. Launched flower, extracts, sun-grown, indoor, and edibles in 2019, Grandiflora is committed to delivering exclusive flavors that offer the same thing as the founder’s innovative strains like High Tech, Oakland Purp, and Melonatta. 


Grandiflora Cannabis Strains 

  • Melonatta: If you’re looking for Grandiflora exclusive genetics with tart melon, Fuji apple, and tropical fruit ice, then Melonatta is the perfect fit. With its melon honey candy flavor, this flower hybrid offers a bright, floaty, and nice relaxing high. 
  • High Tech: It hails from the same genetics as Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato, and Thin Mint Cookies. Coming from strong indicas, High Tech can bring you soothing body highs with 23.5% THC and 0.02% CBD.
  • Oakland Purp: An excellent indica, Oakland purp offers sweet, creamy, and yet mild earthy flavor. If you’re looking for something that’ll cheer you up while working out, Oakland Purp can fulfill it. But it also offers a quick relaxing hit, which can be highly recommended if you need to get a result sleep.