Green Hornet

Roots LA – Green Hornet

Green Hornet is your everyday edible if you wish to get a relaxing high or moderate hit. Born in 2012, Green Hornet offers a fast-acting experience that’s familiar with gummies. Created by Cheeba Chews, Green Hornet is gluten-free and peanut-free. All Green Hornet Gummies contain 70 mg of THC giving you a more noticeable effect. 

green hornet

Green Hornet Cannabis Strains 

  • Mixed Fruit Sativa: Described as sweet and flowery cannabis candies, these gummies can provide a happy and energetic high. That’s why they’re suitable for an evening workout or a binge-watching session with your friends. For a mood-boosting buzz, one gummy is more than enough. 
  • Watermelon Sativa: Offering watermelon fruit flavor, this Sativa blend of THC has a dash of CBD that’s low in calories and fat-free. These gummies come in a convenient package that lets you dose accurately in 10 mg increments. As a Sativa infused gummy, Green Hornet Watermelon produces an uplifting head high that’s ideal for creative inspiration. 
  • Green Apple: As the name suggests, it has a strong apple flavor. This edible is great for mood-boosting and brainstorming. With its strong potency, it can replace booze. It also offers mild euphoric effects but it can also be energizing while providing relief from stress or anxiety.