An award-winning cannabis cultivation company, Greenline is based in Monterey, California, and the original creators of Orange Tree, a super potent strain. The success of this brand stems from its commitment to provide superior quality cannabis for both recreational and medical use at a reasonable price. With 70 years of experience, these growers provide exquisite top-shelf cannabis. 




Greenline Cannabis Strains

  • Bananimal: It’s a cross between the classic Banana OG and Animal Cookies strains. Offering balanced hybrid strain, Bananimal offers a hard-hitting high that will leave you feeling lifted and unfocused for hours. Offering seductive Banana scent on the outside while giving loud fragrance of gasoline when the flowers break down. 
  • Strawberry Banana: Commonly known as Strawnana, Strawberry Banana is an indica marijuana strain that’s a genetic cross between the Strawberry phenotype of bubble gum and Crockett’s Banana Kush. It has a sweet, fruity flavor with peaceful effects to sharpen your awareness and creativity. 
  • Orange Tree: Perfect for citrus lovers, Orange Tree offers bold, orange flavors. Smoking it gives you a sweet, orange aroma as if you’re walking through an orange tree garden. It’s potent, joyful, soothing, and calming high, which are distinct characteristics of Orange Valley OG and 24K Gold. It also has a hint of spicy or herbal scent.