Heavenly Sweet

heavenly sweet


Started in 2008, Heavenly Sweet products are created to satisfy the adult palate, thereby, ensuring satisfying flavor with adequate cannabinoid content. All edibles from Heavenly Sweet are made using cannabutter and infuse each product with meticulous precision to maintain its medicinal benefits. With Heavenly Sweet, you can have a delicious way to eat your medicine. 


Heavenly Sweet Cannabis Strains 

  • Juicy Berry tart: It’s the fastest edible on the market that offers tangy fruity flavors. They are dark, rich berry gummies that provide a pleasant and chewy texture. Using micro-encapsulated nano-technology, these dummies can give you a euphoric high in just 7 minutes with an 8-hour plateau. 
  • Lemon Squeeze tart: Made for those looking for puckery- citrus flavors, Lemon Squeeze tart provides a pleasant texture. Providing euphoric high and happy results, this product offers a medium dosage of 100 mg. 
  • Fruity Treat: It’s a treat in fruity crisp rice cereal form. It tastes like melted marshmallows with hints of sweet white chocolate. Aim to lift your spirits, this treat is also great to achieve a relaxing night so you can sleep soundly. 
  • Mango Passion: These edibles offer tropical, passion fruit and rich mango flavors. Hence, they are ideal if you’re looking for sweet fruit flavors. With a medium dosage, you get uplifting effects while you can sleep soundly in bed.