Herb & Zen

A mid-priced brand, Herb & Zen is a Southern California company that aims to deliver its products in a sleek glass jar to keep the Herb fresh. Its California-grown Cannabis is produced for your enjoyment. Commonly described as “buds on a budget,” Herb & Zen doesn’t sacrifice the quality of its herb. It believes that everyone deserves the best Cannabis without losing the Zen because of the price. 


herb zen


Herb & Zen Cannabis Strains 

  • White Runtz: This is an Indica strain that comes with a 25% THC count. Its existence was the result of a collaboration between Cookies and Runtz brands. White Runtz is a cross between the White and the traditional Runtz. It boasts fruity and sweet profiles offering smooth smoke. It gives a relaxed hit and some giggly results too. 
  • Superman OG: This Indican Kush strain is a cross between Tahoe OG and Bubba Kush to give you a knockout punch, ergo, the term superman. It’s ideal if want a strong skunk scent with an extremely pungent taste. Not for novice consumers, this strain can offer a powerful punch. 
  • Tangie Sativa: It’s a chunky bud that has great pine and citrus notes. Grown in Monterey County, this Sativa strain is a combination of Golden Goat and Tangie. Its reported aromas would include spice, fruit, and citrus. It may also taste like herbs and sweet oranges.