High Supply

high supply

Made for Cannabis enthusiasts on a budget, High Supply offers premium quality Cannabis. Focusing on giving consumers life experiences, High Supply includes vape pens, pre-rolls, and shakes. A Cresco Labs-produced brand, High Supply aims to provide quality weeds in Sativa, hybrid, or Indica. With High Supply, you’ll be sure you always have Cannabis on hand. 


High Supply Cannabis Strains

  • Indica Shake: Coming from small buds, Indica Shake has a uniform consistency. Providing rich, delicious aroma with earthy, fruity sour. There’s also a smell of bark and earthy and some notes of citrus juice, tart cherry, and grapefruit. The taste is good with mild notes of dark chocolate and coffee, which resembles the burnt flavor of Starbucks. 
  • Sativa Popcorn: Opening a tub gives you a pungent, sour aroma. This strain offers complex notes of lemon, mint, and fresh-cut grass. The taste is powerful and sour that can be satisfying. It also offers a starchy taste that reminds you of cooked potatoes with lemon. 
  • Indica Disposable Pen: Offering funky citrus scents, this pen will give you a bit of pungent aroma. A few drags will give you an aftertaste with licorice and citrus notes, which is similar to OG 18 flavors. It has a smooth flavor with a mellow after taste. This pen gives you instant relief from stress.