How to Get the Most Out of Los Angeles Dispensaries

Los Angeles Dispensaries

Let’s face it; weed isn’t cheap. Even with deals, discounts, and special events, you can easily blow through a few hundred a months on marijuana alone. Veteran smokers know this all too well, as their tolerance is much higher. So, how can you get the most bang for your buck and stretch your bottom dollar? Here’s how to get the most out of Los Angeles Dispensaries!

Pay Attention to Deals and Discounts

One of the easiest ways to save money on your monthly cannabis bill is to utilize deals, discounts, and special events. Nearly every dispensary will have some form of discount. At Roots LA, we offer deals to first-time customers and have happy hour events.

Doing your best to utilize deals and discounts will save you money over the long run. Try and shop during happy hours for a daily discount. Some locations offer special events on certain products as well. When in doubt, ask your budtender when’s the best time to shop.

Los Angeles Dispensaries

Avoid Fees

ATM and debit fees don’t seem like a lot, but they add up over time. Let’s say your ATM fee is $2.50 for a withdrawal. If you’re purchasing cannabis two times a week, you’ll be spending an extra $240 a year! To save money on cannabis, avoid these fees at all costs.

Buy In Bulk

Another way to stretch your cannabis budget is to buy in bulk. Buying products in bulk often results in lower prices. Think about how much value you receive from bulk retailers like Costco or Sam’s Club. There’s no reason you can’t receive the same amount of value from dispensaries.

Consider options like an ounce of Pacific Stone’s Wedding Cake for just $120. This price is nearly a steal, as quarter ounces can cost $90! If you know you’re going to be smoking for the foreseeable future, buying in bulk might be your best option.

Shop Smarter

Shopping smarter is another way you can save money on marijuana. What do we mean by shopping smarter? You can shop smarter by choosing products that are more cost-effective.

Let’s say you primarily smoke joints. It will oftentimes be more cost-effective to buy your own cannabis, break it down, and roll it up than buying pre-rolled joints. Another example is with edibles. Edibles can have much higher THC levels, making them a more cost-effective purchase.

Be sure to shop more effectively the next time you visit a dispensary. Consider the long-term rather than what’s nice at the moment. Doing so will surely stretch your cannabis budget.

Get The Most Out of Los Angeles Dispensaries With Roots LA!

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