Created with the California spirit, Island offers high-quality THC products to bring back the uncomplicated joy of Cannabis. Each bud has been carefully manicured to make sure that’s no extra leaf or stem in the flower. Ensuring every strain has the right terpenes to give consumers great flavor. Started in 2014, Island is a for-benefit organization. Each member has a passion for social change. 


Island Cannabis Strains

  • Mango Haze: A cross between Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights #5, Mango Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that offers a tropical aroma with a strong high. It has a strong citrus scent with notes of mango, skunky-sweet. When burnt, it gives off that palatable smoke with a sweet and hasty taste on the exhale. 
  • Donut Shack: Individually sealed to ensure maximum freshness. This mini pre-roll has fragrant notes of sugar and a bit of earthy skunky goodness. On the inhale, it gives a normal good weed taste. It offers heady goodness that’s quick. This Indica has no trim, shake, or blends. Just whole flower Cannabis from California. 
  • Mistletoe Haze: It’s a sweet Sativa that can lift your holiday spirit. Each mini is packed with the freshest flower. Perfect for a warm, cozy holiday as it gives you a cerebral hit. Offering a sweet taste while helping you stay productive.