Jetpacks supports your goal to escape and go somewhere. Helping you put your heads in the clouds, the brand’s original pre-rolls offer a smooth ride. Jetpacks got you covered with its pre-rolls infused with kief, and an extra hit of THC so you’ll have adequate fuel to reach your destination. Its line of potent concentrates can help you rip the fabric of space and time. 


Jetpacks Cannabis Strains 

  • Alien Cookies: Crossing Aliendawg and GSC to give birth to Alien Cookies. It’s rare to find but when you get it, it’s worth your time because it offers flawless effects that will make you happy and feel relaxed. It has a surprising sweet vanilla flavor with pungent earth. Its strong aroma of pungent kush is recognizable after burning the nugs. 
  • Star Cookies: Created by crossing three strains — OG Kush, Granddaddy Purple, and Durban. This evenly balanced hybrid isn’t lightweight as it offers powerful full-body effects that will hit you from head to toe. Its flavor and aroma are sweet earthy with musky pungent berries. 
  • Romulan: It’s smooth, creamy Cannabis with a taste of pine and citrus. Its deeply relaxing effects will give you a dreamy, floating sensation. Because of its powerful punch, it’s best to save it for your late nights or during the rainy days while relaxing at home.