Josh D

josh d


Josh D Cannabis came to existence when people with utmost dedication to Cannabis gathered together to combine their experience and skills to create a brand that’s committed to providing true OG premium varieties. It used the original OG Kush genetics to start the project. Josh D’s meticulous growers customize its cultivation practices to produce only the best quality OG for consumers. 


Josh D Cannabis Strains 

  • Ice Cream Cake: It’s a rare strain that’s a cross between Wedding Cake and Gelato 33 strains. True to its name, Ice Cream Cake offers a delicious creamy flavor with a bit of nuttiness that remains even after finishing the final toke. Its flirting and relaxing high is just as beautiful as its flavor. 
  • OG Kush: Known for its pure potency, OG Kush is a world-famous strain that gives you long-lasting euphoria. It gives off a skunky-citrus smell and flavor, in addition to its strawberry and earthy flavors. Ideal for depression, this strain also offers a strong pine scent. 
  • Josh D OG: Created in 1996, Josh D OG is a combination of SFV OG, Triangle Kush, and Hell’s Angels OG. It offers sedative effects while giving you a sweet citrusy flavor and some hints of fresh wood and berries on every exhale. The aroma is likened to berries and cheese but with a dominating rich pungent.